Post Ursulmas appreciations

Now that we’re back on line (huzzah to the poor Weministers), I can pass on a note of appreciation that I received from a City Council member in Monroe, Washington (host city for Ursulmas):

I would like to commend your organization on bringing a unique and entertaining program to our city this weekend.

I’m sure others in the area enjoyed your weekend festival as much as my family and I did.

The competitions were fierce and exciting. And several of your members went out of their way to explain the events, activities and history.

Thank you again for bringing your celebration to our part of the state. We are looking forward to next year!

I was sorry indeed to miss Ursulmas this year and heard many good things from those who went, but I was quite struck that a member of the council should take the time to wrote, and recognise both the role that Ursulmas plays in their community and the courtesy of our populace as they interacted with the public.

Warmest congratulations to the event steward and her team!

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