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Youth Armored Combat or YAC, is the youth version of the adult heavy combat program. The main purpose of the program is to train youth armoured combatants to transition into safe and chivalric adult heavy combat when they reach the appropriate age, if they so desire. The program aspires to develop each combatant’s self-respect, respect for others, and an appreciation for medieval history.

The program is open to all those between the ages of six and seventeen, with the participants being split into separate age groups to insure proper instruction and guidance.

Youths who join the program receive extensive training and follow a system of rules which permits a realistic and energetic sport while maintaining both a safe and enjoyable environment.

Due to the nature of the armor and weapons, combatants come out of these brutal “deeds of arms” unscathed and ready to do it again. The idea is to recreate the armored chivalric combat of the High Middle Ages, using padded rattan weapons and wearing replica armor.

Fighters are on their honor to call their blows, meaning they must admit whether or not the blow received would have wounded or incapacitated them had it  been a “real” weapon.

Experienced combatants help teach participants how to use their weapons, defend themselves, judge blows received in combat and behave in a safe & chivalric (respectful) manner.

Combatants are able to showcase their skills at regular gatherings called Events. Most Events offer foot tournaments where the young warriors face each other in single combat or take place in small melee battles which can involve four or more combatants on either side.

Over the course of the last few years, we have had the fortunate opportunity to watch several young well-rounded fighters successfully make this move to the adult erics. Every “graduate” has received resounding and well-earned respect from adult fighters.