Finally Publishing – May Crown 2014

So, many moons ago our Kingdom Web Minister was kind enough to set up a blog for the YAC program. At the time I was looking, and really still am, for a way in which to upgrade from our current Yahoo Group. Now do not get me wrong, the Yahoo Group has been a great asset and I will always be in debt to Jean Pierre for setting it all up. However, technology has moved forward, I mean look how much of the community has joined Facebook, and I felt it was time we did also. Unfortunately, when you factor in me being a somewhat computer challenged individual and the fact that I am always busy tilting at many other windmills, I did not embrace the concept well, or for that matter at all.

But that all changes now as I have decided to go ahead and try using this tool to see how well it works. Of course, I am not planning on giving up my other avenues of communication. So, please read on or stand by depending on what happens,  

By the way, I am also using this new page to kick off part one of what I hope to be a series of announcements bringing everyone up to speed on what is new in the realm of the YAC program on both a Kingdom and Society level. Now, I would love to promise these will be published on a semi-regular schedule until I can get all the news out, but for those of you who have been around for a while you should know better than to expect that from me, lol.

For this announcement, let us talk about May Crown. Right now our Inlands YAC Deputy, Steinbjorn Geilirbjorson and the Lady Sarah (Warden for the Barony of Madrone) are working together to create a fun filled weekend of YAC activates at this event. And yes, my deepest apologies as I totally forgot to officially introduce the new program in Madrone and our new Warden to everyone when it became official. I am sure as the event draws nigh there will be all sorts of announcements about what activities will happen when (hint, hint) so stayed tuned.

As far as requirements for participation in any of the YAC activities, well that will be up to the MIC; i.e. fighters needing to be authorized or whether there will be the opportunity to be carded beforehand, however I am sure that information will be made clear soon. Although this does kind of foreshadow what I planned on talking about in one of my next announcement – the new Conventions of Combat and some guidelines for what I believe a fighter should know in order to become an authorized.

One last thing… This event is also supposed to introduce the new YAC pavilion. Through the efforts of our most wonderful Kingdom Family Activities Coordinator, Merike de Ross, the YAC program will now have its very own pavilion. If I am to understand it will be transported with all the other Kingdom pavilions and then set up at Crown Events; although it might be good to have some volunteers from the program to help with set up and breakdown when possible. The idea is that this pavilion will give the program a central meeting point at these events and can be used for holding meetings or just allowing fighters and their entourage (parents) to hang out during the various activities. Of course, we will have to wait until the actual event to see how it all plays out.

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  1. kyac Says:

    Please Note: Although the date on this blog says it was posted on 10/27/11, it is wrong; that was the date when this blog was originally set up. But, when I finally decided to start the blog, I just erased the initial comments and inserted my own, hence the wrong date. So for the record, the new words posted here are really from 3/23/14.

  2. Sarah Pixie Says:

    Huzza for a fantastic May crown. We had 16 fighters in the tournament on Saturday morning and only two of them were dragon’s (division 3). We had another 8 come out for a melee on Sunday morning. The new pavillion did in fact make it to the event and did get set up Saturday mid morning. As I help take it down on Sunday we were told we had used the wrong ropes and the wrong pavillion but now I know for July Coronation.

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