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Youth and Family Achievement Program update and request for Help

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Please forward far and wide:

Mericke de Ross
An Tir Family Activities Coordinator

Announcing the arrival of the Youth and Family Achievement Program (YAFA).

From the 2010 SCA Census of the membership one of the key questions was about declining membership – when asked this question the 4th most cited reason was families were finding it difficult to attend events with children and that there was nothing for the children to do. The Youth and Family Achievement Program (YAFA) is the SCA Inc.’s response to the Survey results. A team was pulled together to create the YAFA program and since June 2012 they have been working diligently on providing a solution and program for SCA families to use.

The vision for the YAFA program is to encourage active participation by families with children and teens in the study of a variety of medieval subjects and activities, sharing their experiences and accomplishments with others, and create ownership and investment in the Society. The goal is to have an energetic society of honorable citizens developed from within. This program will guide and encourage young people and their families in seeking opportunities for involvement in the SCA.

YAFA’s mission is to create opportunities for youth-protected activities and achievements designed to retain and support participants and their families through education while respecting, protecting, and fostering the cultural climate of individual Kingdoms. The YAFA Program is based in a foundation of chivalry, the arts, and service to help encourage values important to the Society. Those youth participants completing their individually chosen areas of study will be eligible to wear tokens of achievement.

The goal is to make the program available to all SCA Kingdoms before the Summer of 2014 so the Society encourages you to read the link below on important FAQ’s and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

The YAFA team can be contacted at:

Link to the FAQ:

It has come to our attention that with some creative searching people are finding the YAFA website link. There is a link and it is up and running because we need it to be available for the testing phases but we were trying to keep it from going public until after the testing is done to avoid people signing up before we are ready for them to do so.

My request to You all is that if You do hear that someone has found the link or if someone posts the link on any public forum that You please respond with the following:

“While the YAFA team is excited at the enthusiasm of the people of the Known World we are not expecting to launch the YAFA website until Summer of 2014. Please do not sign up as families or mentors until the program is ready as this information will not be preserved. We appreciate your continued interest and look forward to working with you all in the very near future. Please stay tuned for more information being released between now and the launch”

Thank You all again for Your time in this matter.

Subject: FW: YAFA program needs help recruiting volunteers

We have received interest from people wanting to work on achievements for future releases of worksheets to be used in the Youth and Family Achievement Program (YAFA). Could you please forward this entire list to your peerage groups so they have an opportunity to sign up if they want….or anywhere else that you think might be useful. I have included the Youth Officers and Seneschal in each of the kingdoms as well as some of you already have an idea of who will be volunteering to mentor.

• Agriculture • Archery • Arms &Armoring • Bardic Recitation • Basketry • Book Binding • Bow Making • Brewing • Calligraphy • Candle Making • Cooking • Costuming & Accessories • Dancing • Drama & Comedy • Drawing • Dyeing • Embroidery • Falconry • Fighting • Gaming • Glass Blowing • Heraldry • Herbalism • Horn Working • Horsemanship • Horticulture • Husbandry • Illumination • Instrumental Music • Jewelry • Juggling • Lace making • Lapidary

• Leather Working • Languages • Masonry • Masquing & Mime • Mathematics • Medicine • Merchanting • Metal Working • Musical Composition

• Musical Instrument Making • Needlework • Newsletters & Publications • Painting • Paper Making • Pavilion Making • Period Fencing • Philosophy • Poetry • Pottery • Riddles • Rug Making • Scribing • Sculpture • Spinning • Tanning • Tool Making • Toy Making • Tumbling • Vinting • Vocal Music

• Weapon Smithing • Weaving • Woodworking

We are looking for Subject Matter Experts in each of the above achievement topics and as soon as we have a well-rounded group of five to ten volunteers we will start them off working on the spreadsheets. They do need to provide me with their qualifications and their membership number to be added to the groups. With the interest that has been shown in the program itself we don’t see a point in delaying and staggering the creation of the new achievements and the more we get out into the program the more choices youth and families will have. Please have any volunteers contact the email address even for enquiries.


Duchess Rustique / Steph Hoyt

Youth and Family Program Lead
Duchess Rustique and the YAFA team.

Youth Althing in Midhaven April 26, 2014

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Come One, Come All! Please join the Shire of Midhaven for their annual event, Youth Althing.
Parents, this is a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the hobby you love! This day event is geared toward kids learning about the SCA and the activities we do. There will be Youth Armored Combat, Touch and try Armor table with photos, Scribal painting, Kid’s court, Needle Felting, Medieval board games, Hand-sewn pouches, Piñata and much more! Lunch and afternoon snack provided. Parents must accompany children.

Stay tuned for more activities and schedule.

Event Steward: Lady Fionnghuala
Fees: $12 for adults, $10 for youth 5-18yrs, Children under 5-free. Lunch is included with your site fee. A $5 NMS applies for those without proof of membership. Make checks payable to the “Shire of Midhaven, SCA Inc”.
Site: Mount Vernon Senior Center, 1401 Cleveland Avenue, Mount Vernon, WA 98284
April 26th, Site opens 10am and closes at 5pm
This is a dry site.

Site Info:
Name: Mt. Vernon Senior Center
1401 Cleveland St.
Mt. Vernon, WA 98284

Directions to Site:

Last Event’s Directions:

From North or South Interstate 5:

Take the Kincaid Street Exit in Mount Vernon.

Travel West on Kincaid. Turn left on 1st street about 5 blocks.

Travel South on 1st Street. US Post Office will be on the right.

Travel 2 more blocks south. 1st Street changes name to Cleveland Street.

Senior Center is on the corner of Cleveland Street and Hazel.