July Coronation 2012

We had fewer families in the dayshade at this event, but there were lots of families at the event. Unfortunately, some kids entertained themselves by playing on the permanent cooking structures, and I noticed lots of children under 12 without adults. All adults at an event need to take responsibility for asking these children where their parents are and ensure that they are returned to them. Children between 13 and 18 need to check in with their parents often so the parents know where they are and what they are doing.

The families who were with me had a great time! A young lady sewed a cute brown bear, and we threw javelins. Unfortunately, the kids have better aim than I thought, and the javelins went through the baseball backstop towards a really understanding Viscountess…… mea culpa. I have a better plan for next time! 🙂

We had a small, but VERY productive staff meeting on Sunday. Thank you Esme and Kolfinna!!! We shared lots of great ideas, and I want to share them in future posts.

We also discussed a new way to deliver services at events. Esme travels from camp to camp, looking for the kids. She has packets of games and activities in baggies which she gives to the kids to keep them occupied in camp. I will try this, along with specific classes in the dayshade, on a larger scale at September Crown. Hopefully this will keep the kids occupied and reduce burnout.

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