Antir-West War Debrief

WOW! What a great war! We had lots of fun activities at the war, including fabric painting, weaving, and active games. We successfully played stoolball and threw javelins. Tamar Rustavelli hosted Youth Combat, and on Thursday night, we had 40 kids fighting with practice weapons! It was AWESOME to see AnTir and West’s future fighters having so much fun. On Friday and Saturday, Tamar taught some footwork and techniques classes which were very well received. At Grand Court on Saturday night, I took a tarp to a shady spot and gathered kids to play board games and listen to stories while their parents listened to court.

Big take aways from this event: 1) Kids of all ages love to hear stories! Thank you to HL Draco Stormdancer for his stories. 2) We need to reinforce the “Under 12 Sight and Sound” Rule more at events, especially BIG events.

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