How to get your Background Check!

Here is the procedure:
1) The interested Minister of Children (MoC) needs to be a paid member of the SCA.
2) The MoC needs to tell the branch Seneschal. 
3) The Senechal contacts the Kingdom Seneschal, and he asks his deputy to send the MoC the forms.
4) The MoC sends/emails/faxes the background check forms to the SCA offices in Milpitas, CA.  He/she can email Theresa Anderson at to check on the status.
5) Theresa contacts the Kingdom Seneschal to confirm the background check needs to be performed.
6) The check is performed.
7) The MoC receives a letter with the results.  He/she can scan this and the blue card and email to me.  The background check expires 2 years from that date.
8) SCA Milpitas sends the MoC a new blue card.
This procedure can take as little as three weeks.
I hope this helps!

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