May Crown Activities

Bon jour!

We have many exciting activities planned for May Crown!  Please join us on the erics both Saturday from 10-4 and Sunday from 10-2.  On Saturday we will have a meeting for officers and those interested in becoming officers from 2-3.  Look for the green, yellow, and black striped dayshade.

The Children’s Area will be hosted in an “a la carte” format.  This means that the Toy Box will be open for all youth to choose their activities as they please.  I only have a few expectations, which will be posted in the pavilion:
1) We will respect each other.
2) We will put one toy away before getting another.
We will also be running under the Society Law which states that all children under 12 will remain within sight/sound of their parent/designated adult at all times.  Youth under 18 will be expected to follow all applicable site rules.

Active games include: stoolball, harpastum, stick-in-the-mud tag, monkey-in-the-middle, I Declare War, battledore, pillow jousting, fencing with noodle swords, hoop running, crack-the-whip.

Passive activities include: painting thank-you cards, coloring, calligraphy, salt dough bead necklaces, weaving, braiding, macramé, Viking whipcord, sewing pouches, kite-making.

I need VOLUNTEERS to help run the Children’s Area!  Please contact me at!


M. Jacqueline

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