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How to get your Background Check!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
Here is the procedure:
1) The interested Minister of Children (MoC) needs to be a paid member of the SCA.
2) The MoC needs to tell the branch Seneschal. 
3) The Senechal contacts the Kingdom Seneschal, and he asks his deputy to send the MoC the forms.
4) The MoC sends/emails/faxes the background check forms to the SCA offices in Milpitas, CA.  He/she can email Theresa Anderson at to check on the status.
5) Theresa contacts the Kingdom Seneschal to confirm the background check needs to be performed.
6) The check is performed.
7) The MoC receives a letter with the results.  He/she can scan this and the blue card and email to me.  The background check expires 2 years from that date.
8) SCA Milpitas sends the MoC a new blue card.
This procedure can take as little as three weeks.
I hope this helps!

May Crown Activities

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Bon jour!

We have many exciting activities planned for May Crown!  Please join us on the erics both Saturday from 10-4 and Sunday from 10-2.  On Saturday we will have a meeting for officers and those interested in becoming officers from 2-3.  Look for the green, yellow, and black striped dayshade.

The Children’s Area will be hosted in an “a la carte” format.  This means that the Toy Box will be open for all youth to choose their activities as they please.  I only have a few expectations, which will be posted in the pavilion:
1) We will respect each other.
2) We will put one toy away before getting another.
We will also be running under the Society Law which states that all children under 12 will remain within sight/sound of their parent/designated adult at all times.  Youth under 18 will be expected to follow all applicable site rules.

Active games include: stoolball, harpastum, stick-in-the-mud tag, monkey-in-the-middle, I Declare War, battledore, pillow jousting, fencing with noodle swords, hoop running, crack-the-whip.

Passive activities include: painting thank-you cards, coloring, calligraphy, salt dough bead necklaces, weaving, braiding, macramé, Viking whipcord, sewing pouches, kite-making.

I need VOLUNTEERS to help run the Children’s Area!  Please contact me at!


M. Jacqueline

New Email Lists

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The Ministry created two email lists, one for officers and one for the populace. Please join the conversation!!! This list is for all children’s activities in AnTir This list is for Children’s Officers and other related Officers in the kingdom only

Welcome from Madame Jacqueline de Lioncourt!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Bienvenue mes amis!!!

I am very excited and humbled to accept this position. I wish to thank HL Mehitabel Pottern for her efforts which laid a great foundation for me. In fact, AnTir has had many great Ministers over the years. One of the best Ministers we have had was HL Candace de Rouen. Candace wrote many of the programs which we use today. Thank you Candace!

If you have questions or comments, please email me at The Ministry also has a webpage on the Kingdom webpage at for publications and forms.