Royal Missive regarding SCA lawsuit settlement

Greetings Unto The Grand Populace of An Tir,

Many of you are aware that last year the SCA Inc. was involved in a lawsuit settlement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that required the corporation to approach the Kingdoms for assistance in funding the settlement. In this difficult time the Laurel Kingdoms stood tall and supported the Society office in keeping our shared dream of the Current Middle Ages alive. Their Majesties at the time, Ieuan and Gwyneth were vocal in Their appreciation at the response from the branches and people of An Tir in responding to the call. We would like to add Our thanks and know that it made Us very proud to see the selfless nature of Our Kingdom.

Following the settlement of the original lawsuit the Society office engaged one of the SCA’s insurance companies to recover related legal and settlement costs. We are pleased to announce that the SCA and the insurance company were able to come to a settlement agreement and that the SCA has been able to recover a significant portion of the settlement and legal costs incurred. Please note that details of the settlement are covered by a non-disclosure agreement and as such more specific information on the settlement is not available.

With this result the Society office will be returning approximately 2/3 of the contributions made by the Kingdoms to the lawsuit settlement. As a result the Kingdom will be able to reimburse Our branches in a similar manner. This will be taking place in short order with details of the amounts and specific timing of reimbursements to the branches handled through the An Tir Exchequer’s office. Should you have questions regarding this process please communicate via your local branch exchequer.

We would like to personally thank all of you for your support of our Society during this difficult time and you all have Our gratitude for your sacrifice and continued efforts to make An Tir the greatest Kingdom in the Known World.

UlfR     Caoimhe King    Queen

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