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Chronicler’s Work – Moving beyond The Crier

Friday, April 18th, 2014

There is so much more to do than An Tir’s monthly Kingdom newsletter.

With the blur of life’s pace, limited resources, compressed schedules and the rise of social media, there is so much to discuss as we move through our Current Middle Ages.

During the rest of my term, I will use this venue specifically for communicating the guidelines of our Society in reference to publications, but also to support the gradual change to more immediate and digital communication which is inevitable even for the SCA.

This month, I received many emails of new and current Chroniclers with very good questions that need answering. They are not the type of questions which get directed to passages in the An Tir Handbook or a policy. Some are being posed to the Society Chronicler and to some of our local Kingdom officers for some long-term thinking/planning. More on that later.

I have asked for and received a new webpage for An Tir Chronicler’s that contains a great deal of reference material, links to info such as copyright law in the US and Canada, as well as newsletter submission requirements and deadlines for the Kingdom newsletter, The Crier.

The webpage is built and active but feel free to take a look.

For Crown and Kingdom –

Octavia Laodice, Kometessa An Tir XXVI, OGdS
Kingdom Chronicler & Editor, The Crier