Chronicler Office Year-End Reporting

December 4th, 2014 by chronicler

Greetings to all the hard-working Chroniclers of An Tir!
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As our year comes to a close, I wanted to send you some great words of encouragement for I have seen an increase in reporting, a willingness to ask for assistance and some great newsletters being generated.

For the end of this year, and my report to the Crown for Twelfth Night, I believe it is time to do a warrant confirmation as I have yet to do this during my term.

For Principality Chroniclers, I’m looking for a list of your branches with those with or without chroniclers and confirmation that you have their warrants. If no warrants, then at least contact info and membership number with a note saying you’re requested it from their branch Council/Curia.

For branch Chroniclers (not in Principalities), I have created a list from what I have on file and past changes. I would appreciate checking in with me by the end of November to confirm. If I need help, I will send you an email asking for your warrant from your Council/Curia.

All chroniclers are expected to complete the Year-End report (pending completion) and send to their superior. If your branch does not have a Chronicler, then Seneschals, I expect to hear from you with the questions on the form completed, as it includes topics which are important for my Office, to know how you are getting your meeting minutes posted.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a warm and festive Feast Season!

Octava Laodice, Kometessa An Tir, OP
Kingdom Chronicler & Editor, The Crier



New Copy Editor Deputy

December 4th, 2014 by chronicler

As advertised, our Copy Editor Deputy, Lady Vashti has completed her term and is looking to new horizons. Today, I’d like to announce that a new volunteer for this post will be in place to take over for the March issue (February 2015). Honorable Lady Mericke de Ross of Midhaven applied and we are very pleased to have her join our staff!

With this change the submissions to the Copy Editor remain the same and we thank you to continue sending us your Crier Copy by the 15th of the month!

Winter Project Begun

December 4th, 2014 by chronicler

Our ambitious endeavor to collect and scan-archive as many issues of The Crier has begun!

With a gracious volunteer, Lady Alizand Thorgeirsson nee’ LeFevre of Blatha an Oir has been sent the first batch of my personal collection. Another hearty Thank You to Master Robyrt of Waterside in Aquaterra for lending a large of back issues to further the cause.

I will keep you posted on our progress and needs as the project moves forward.

Octavia Laodice

Chronicler’s Work – Moving beyond The Crier

April 18th, 2014 by chronicler

There is so much more to do than An Tir’s monthly Kingdom newsletter.

With the blur of life’s pace, limited resources, compressed schedules and the rise of social media, there is so much to discuss as we move through our Current Middle Ages.

During the rest of my term, I will use this venue specifically for communicating the guidelines of our Society in reference to publications, but also to support the gradual change to more immediate and digital communication which is inevitable even for the SCA.

This month, I received many emails of new and current Chroniclers with very good questions that need answering. They are not the type of questions which get directed to passages in the An Tir Handbook or a policy. Some are being posed to the Society Chronicler and to some of our local Kingdom officers for some long-term thinking/planning. More on that later.

I have asked for and received a new webpage for An Tir Chronicler’s that contains a great deal of reference material, links to info such as copyright law in the US and Canada, as well as newsletter submission requirements and deadlines for the Kingdom newsletter, The Crier.

The webpage is built and active but feel free to take a look.

For Crown and Kingdom -

Octavia Laodice, Kometessa An Tir XXVI, OGdS
Kingdom Chronicler & Editor, The Crier

Hello world!

November 19th, 2008 by chronicler

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