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Dirty Dozen Largess Derby

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
This text below is the main idea and it comes from Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir. I personally have hosted one at May Crown and I will again this September Crown, 2013. Come out and see us this Saturday of September Crown and VOTE!!!

Original contest text:


this is a little competition that was created out of the need for more largess made by the hands of our very talented artisans.  Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and share ideas here!

so… the info,

basic rules for running/promoting a Dirty Dozen Donation Derby

suggested rules:

*all entrants must create 12 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse

-12 needlebooks

-12 hats from different (or the same) period(s)

-12 items suitable for a specific time period

-12 childrens toys

—12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs

*all entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition

*items need not be documentable, this is not an Arts and Sciences competition

*items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to other areas

*judging has, to this point, been done by the ‘beads in a cup’ method.  First time was the populace in general as it was a small event, at a larger event it was done by the Peerages.  **These are only suggestions.

now, the best part, PRIZES!!

*winner of the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby is the person with the most beads in their entry’s cup.  The winner gets to select one item from each of the other competitors.  So 12 entries means the winner gets 11 prizes.

*second, third, etc place is up to whomever is running/sponsoring the competition.

*it has been suggested that an “entrant gift” would be a good idea.  Either something donated by the sponsor or everyone having an opportunity to select from the other entrants.

*at the first one there was also prizes for “Baron and Baroness’ Choice” and “Prince and Princess’ Choice” again, this is up to you.  The winner got to select one item from the other competitors.  I would suggest that, after the winner selects their prizes from the full display that one of each of the entries is gathered and set aside for other prizes to be selected from.

*final distribution of gifts is, again, up to whomever is sponsoring/running the competition.  A gift basket of one of each entry was given to both of the Baronies in attendance and the rest of the entries went to the Principality.  If a Barony is sponsoring the competition perhaps half goes to the Barony and the other half goes to the Principality or Kingdom.


this is just a list of how things have been done.  The main focus of this is to have fun creating largess for our groups.  Please feel free to suggest ideas, share patterns and tips and plans!  Largess is a wonderful way for everyone in the SCA to share their talents and gifts with people near and far, this is just a way to put a little competition and incentive into that process!

Ves Heill

Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir

Tir Righ, An Tir