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September Crown Children, Youth, and Teen Arts, Sciences, and Bardic Challenge

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Attention kids and parents of An Tir,

Coming very soon, September Crown to be exact, there will be a Children, Youth and Teen Art, Science, and Bardic Challenge. HEY KIDS! You know you don’t want your brain to rot this late summer, so get to work! Here is some homework to get you ready for school in the Fall!
Categories are: Things you eat (culinary), Things you wear (costuming/garb/jewelry), Things you use (artifact/tools), and Things you do (performance/activities/games).
Age Levels: Children – Under 8, Youth – 8 to 12, Teen – 13 to 17.
Each participant is to answer the following questions about their entry. Single entries only.
What is the entry?
What did you learn about it?
What did you do to create the entry?
What did you learn about what people in period did to create your entry? (Youth and Teens only)
What did you do that was different than what people did in period or how is your process different? (Teens only)
Are you happy with the outcome?
What would you do differently if you were to do it again?
Participants will be required to view all entries and provide feedback and commentary about their own and the other entries. This is a learning experience for all involved. Participants will be learning about medieval Arts, Sciences and Bardic as well as how to talk to others about their own entries and each others projects.
If you or your child is going to participate please send me an email to register by August 21, 2013. Nidda Ridarelli including the following information:
Please put CYTASB in the subject line.
Looking forward to see the talents of our youth!

–HL Nidda Ridarelli, Kingdom A&S Minister