Dirty Dozen Largess Derby September Crown 2013

I ran the Dirty Dozen Largess Derby at September. You can learn more about Dirty Dozen at https://www.facebook.com/groups/520009888022124/

I had 9 people enter, but some people entered multiple sets of things. Alessandre da Montefeltro made silk painted fans and An Tir colored favors. Nidda Ridarelli entered needle cases. Antonia Crevelli entered earrings. Steinn and Gemma made Strawberry Bacon jam. Freyadis of Avacal made sewing kits in little wooden boxes. Tomaris di Cavallino made 15th c. style enameled glass candle holders, Morgan Donner made jewelry sets and had period images with them as documentation.  Jadwiga Radomyski made hand painted medieval games. Christal Moore made 12 of each: Flower seeds packet with four different flowers, Travel tissue holder, beaded scissor fob, needle/scissor fob, Lavender sachets, a bottle with 2 tablespoons of lavender and a lavender shortbread recipe. The total was 16 sets of largess.

The Crown was very appreciative of the generosity of the populace of An Tir. Thank you to all the artisans who participated. Especially to Jadwiga, who has entered two in a row with her beautiful games, both May Crown and September Crown. And the prize winner of September Crown was Morgan Donner, who was also a second time entrant. She made the most beautiful hand smocked and embroidered aprons for May Crown and the beautiful jewelry sets in this round.

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