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Dirty Dozen Largess Derby

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
This text below is the main idea and it comes from Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir. I personally have hosted one at May Crown and I will again this September Crown, 2013. Come out and see us this Saturday of September Crown and VOTE!!!

Original contest text:


this is a little competition that was created out of the need for more largess made by the hands of our very talented artisans.  Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and share ideas here!

so… the info,

basic rules for running/promoting a Dirty Dozen Donation Derby

suggested rules:

*all entrants must create 12 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse

-12 needlebooks

-12 hats from different (or the same) period(s)

-12 items suitable for a specific time period

-12 childrens toys

—12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs

*all entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition

*items need not be documentable, this is not an Arts and Sciences competition

*items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to other areas

*judging has, to this point, been done by the ‘beads in a cup’ method.  First time was the populace in general as it was a small event, at a larger event it was done by the Peerages.  **These are only suggestions.

now, the best part, PRIZES!!

*winner of the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby is the person with the most beads in their entry’s cup.  The winner gets to select one item from each of the other competitors.  So 12 entries means the winner gets 11 prizes.

*second, third, etc place is up to whomever is running/sponsoring the competition.

*it has been suggested that an “entrant gift” would be a good idea.  Either something donated by the sponsor or everyone having an opportunity to select from the other entrants.

*at the first one there was also prizes for “Baron and Baroness’ Choice” and “Prince and Princess’ Choice” again, this is up to you.  The winner got to select one item from the other competitors.  I would suggest that, after the winner selects their prizes from the full display that one of each of the entries is gathered and set aside for other prizes to be selected from.

*final distribution of gifts is, again, up to whomever is sponsoring/running the competition.  A gift basket of one of each entry was given to both of the Baronies in attendance and the rest of the entries went to the Principality.  If a Barony is sponsoring the competition perhaps half goes to the Barony and the other half goes to the Principality or Kingdom.


this is just a list of how things have been done.  The main focus of this is to have fun creating largess for our groups.  Please feel free to suggest ideas, share patterns and tips and plans!  Largess is a wonderful way for everyone in the SCA to share their talents and gifts with people near and far, this is just a way to put a little competition and incentive into that process!

Ves Heill

Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir

Tir Righ, An Tir

An Tir Kingdom Arts, Sciences and Bardic Championship

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Greetings to the artisans of An Tir!

The An Tir Kingdom Arts, Sciences, and Bardic Championship will be upon us before we know it. The date is March 7-9, 2014, in the mighty Barony of Stromgard  I have just toured the site yesterday and it is beautiful. The event steward is working hard to make this a fun event for everyone.

Now it the time to enter. Depending on the amount of full competitors I have the single entries will be placed first come first served. Enter early! I will do my best to place everyone, but the Championship Competitors will have priority. I will be offering feedback only entries if resources allow.

There will not be a Children, Youth, or Teen section held at this event. It will be at September Crown 2013 and again 2014.

To improve judging experience all documentation will be due February 21, 2014. Only minor changes can be made after this date. Be prepared for this change.

The deadline to enter the Championship, either as a full entrant, or a single entry, is Twelfth Night, January 10-12, 2014.  Please send your letter of interest to the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister, by email to each of the following:

Their Royal Majesties, King and Queen of An Tir:

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister: Nidda Ridarelli


Your letter should include the following;

·        Your SCA and Modern names

·        Your branch

·        The name of anyone you are in fealty to

·        A description of what you entry or entries are. This should include the time and place the entries are based on.

·        Contact information, email and phone number is required.

·        The type of entrant you are, Single Entrant, In-Depth Feedback or Overall Champion


Information on the basic rules can be found at:


Research papers are due at Tweflth Night along with your letter of intent.


****Please Note!  The number of entries required for the overall championship is three (3) entries.  All other rules and requirements remain the same.****


If you are not entering and would like to be a judge or student judge please let me know about your interests and areas of expertise.


You can see more information about the event and even make hotel registrations NOW!


If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you!


Yours in service,

–HL Nidda Ridarelli, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minster

September Crown Children, Youth, and Teen Arts, Sciences, and Bardic Challenge

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Come to September Crown and participate in the Youth ASB Challenge! For any young person, from age 5 to 18. It’s not a competition; it’s a chance to practice performing/presenting in front of a panel of experienced adults, and to receive feedback. There will be differing research requirements for each critiquing level, and the amount of research “required” depends entirely on the willingness of the participant.

Critiquing level is not determined by age. Instead, we have three levels of critique, based on how much feedback you want:

  1. Display: the participant just wishes to display the piece for others. The panel will give positive encouragement. Geared for younger children.
  2. Comment: geared towards the intermediate participants, the panel will give some positive feedback as well as a few pointers.
  3. Bring out the red pen: the panel will judge this piece using a judging form, with extensive critique and feedback. 1. Display – the participant just wishes to display the piece for others. The panel will give positive encouragement, geared towards younger children.

Level 1- Guiding Questions- Bardic

  1. Who wrote the piece?
  2. When was it performed?
  3. Where was it performed?

Level 1- Guiding Questions- A&S

  1.  When was your piece made?
  2. What was it used for?
  3. Where was it used?

Level 2- Guiding Questions- Bardic

  1. Who wrote the piece?
  2. What is your piece?
  3. Where was it performed?
  4. Why did you choose this piece?
  5. When was it written and performed?

Level 2- Guiding Questions- A&S

  1. Who would have used the piece?
  2. What was it used for?
  3. Where was it used?
  4. Why did you choose this piece?
  5. When was it written and performed?

Level 3- Guiding Questions- Bardic

  1. Who wrote the piece? Where was he/she from? Write a short biography.
  2. What is your piece? Describe it. Are there any distinguishing characteristics or forms?
  3. Where was it performed? What was the venue?
  4. Why did you choose this piece?
  5. When was it written and performed?
  6. How would it have been performed? How are you performing it? What are the differences?
  7. What would you do differently next time?


Level 3- Guiding Questions- A&S


  1. Who would have used your piece? What was their status?
  2. What is your piece? Does it belong to a particular type?
  3. Where was your piece used? If it’s known, who created it, where, and when?
  4. When was your piece commonly used?
  5. Why did you choose this piece?
  6. How does your piece differ from what it would have been in period? Are there differences? Why?
  7. What would you do differently next time?
If you or your child is going to participate please send us an email to register by August 21, 2013. Nidda Ridarelli and Annik de Venoix including the following information:
Please put CYTASB in the subject line.
Looking forward to see the talents of our youth!
Annik de Venoix
An Tir Youth Bardic Deputy

Hello world!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Greetings, An TIr,

This is your Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. I am new to blogging. I hope to see you all participating in A&S throughout the Kingdom.

In service to the Kingdom,

HL Nidda Ridarelli, KMoAS